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The Beauty of Nature in Four Seasons will remain FOREVER
in Your Heart as your VISIT JAPAN.
We accept you with Simple Nature and Kindness.

Dear customers
We hope all is well with you.
As you probably know, an earthquake struck Kumamoto and Oita
on April 14th, 16th. Fortunately, we are fine. The effects here
were minimal. Our renowned hot spring, the cozy sounds of a running
stream, the chirping wild birds, the authentic home-cooked meals,
and Ryukeien’s warm welcoming spirit to you - our family -,
these things are all intact.
We will always look forward to having you come.


2016.06.06 TOP Page is Updated.
2015.03.21 English Site is Opened.

RYOKAN RYUKEIEN - 7075-1 Tanoharu,Minami-oguni-machi,Aso-gun,Kumamoto,Japan   TEL +81-967-44-0671